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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  March 4, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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chained to a bed... held captive for months... we'll talk about how she escaped ... and what's ahead as the victim adjusts to her new freedom. just when you think the race couldn't get nastier. verbal punches and bickering set the tone for the 11 th gop debate. from vows to support whoever wins - we break down the biggest takeaways. i'm taking you on the road... to university hills.... to show us what makes this area of today i'm taking you on the road to university health to show you what makes this part cultural activity.
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happy friday. isn't it nice. >> meteorologist marty coniglio is join us. marty, you're going to make everyone happy this weekend. >> well, i really enjoyed the weekend. it's going to be quite dry. on the way home from work today, might actually run into light rain. we have a few clouds over the area now. good air quality. moderate, no wood burning restrictions for you. high clouds here. already in the 40s here. 20s and 30s over the plains. we're going to have a weak front move in from the east during the day today. that's going to bring us a little bit. we're going crazy here on the clicker here. it's going to bring in a little bit of moisture later in the day. we have the weak front off to the northeast. that's going to back this here. we'll have some light showers in and near the foothills. as you said, the weekend is warming up. i will have your three-day forecast in a couple of minutes. good morning, marty. good morning to drivers who are about to get out across this
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he's just take a look at the city metro wide. security wait time, equally as face. all parking areas have open faces for you as we head into a travel weekend. let's take a look outside. we have pretty clear conditions here. we'll figure out which direction that is and let you know if it's going cause a hassle. as for i-25 between downtown, we're looking at 13-14 minutes. definitely a light start with speeds close to 70 miles per hour along i-25. of course it's not going stay that way. we expect the heaviest volume to stay close to the 6:00 mark. i-25 as well as u.s. 36, nice clear start as we kick off our workday. >> thank you much. 5:32. inside this house, police say a nightmare played out.
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months and repeatedly raped and tortured. the man who did is in in jail. tarhonda thomas, the suspect has a pretty troubling past. >> he spent time on death row in texas. because of a technicality, he was freed, opening the door for him to commit this heinous crime. police were alerted to a woman being held against her will. the teen said claude wilkerson kidnapped the woman. she was a 26-year-old woman who was homeless. wilkerson played on her desperation, offering her a place to stay. only when she got there, he wouldn't let her leave. he chained her up and chained and tortured her over months. a deputy went to the house on a tip from the teen runaway. it was then that they found the 26-year-old had a warrant, and
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>> then she starts telling us exactly what's been going on, about being drugged and being chained down and being assaulted. >> the suspect, claude wilkerson is in jail on bond. in 1978 he was convicted of murder in the death of three people. he was put on death row, but in 1983 he was freed. a judge threw out his confession buzz he didn't waive his right. he's had several arrests and 1997. they include dui, property damage, and criminal mischef. he was charged with montana. the victim said one reason she was afraid was because he said he was a serial killer. the neighbors are shocked this was all happening right next door. >> i guess so. all right, tarhonda. we're getting some insight, a
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goes through a victim's mind when they're trapped in a dangerous situation like this. psychologist dr. max catrell, she had gotten to that point in her mind where she learned to just go along with it because it was making it easier on her to go along with it than to try to fight it. >> dr. max says the recovery process for victims like this include bouts of depression and misplaced feelings of guilt over what happened. there are many angles of this story. them. you can find out a lot of information about this bizarre case, like how the suspect got off of death row. that's on the 9news app and on it's 5:35 now. former republican presidential nominee mitt romney says this morning that we're seeing a new
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he points to the 11th gop debate in detroit last night as another example. after all the insults, name calling, low blows, the candidates would agree they would support donald trump if he turns out to be the last man standing. breaking down this wild ride. >> certainly is a wild ride. trump said he would support the republican nominee. there were only four candidates on stage, but that did not cut down the noise. they were constantly talking over each other in this debate. ted cruz tried to take down -- in between the insults, they did manage to highlight some of the issues important to voters. voters trump's stand on immigration softens. seems like nothing was off limits. we mean nothing.
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attacked that way, it's donald trump. >> he referred to my hands being small and if they were small, there's a problem. there's no problem,. >> two-thirds of the people cast a vote in the primary or caucus has voted against you. they do not want you to be our nominee. >> it went on and on and on. hillary clinton, of course, tuned into the debate as well, posted her reaction on twitter. >> the more time passes, the scarier it gets. she sent out several gives throughout the night as well. we'll have much more coming up. >> thank you. the next round of presidential preference voting happens tomorrow. louisiana and kansas will both vote for democratic and republican candidates. nebraska will hold a democratic caucus while kentucky and main vote in republican caucuses. it's 5:37 right now. the world is closely watching north korea this morning after the country's leader reportedly
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ready to be fired at any time. kim jong-un, in response to the announcement, north korea and south korea met. it's meant to counter the threat from north korea. they signed a formal agreement in seoul. it is 5:38 right now. a colorado researcher is turning to crowd funding to pay for a new marijuana study. the colorado state university researcher will look at multiple sclerosis patients in northern colorado already using marijuana to determine the benefits and the side effects of long term usage. he hopes to raise $7,000 online for the initial study and use those results to land grants for future studies on the topic. >> colorado's winter cycle of freezes and thaws does a number on the roads. it's been so nice lately. you've probably seen a lot of
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colleen ferreira went on pothole practical. they've filled 11,000 of these so far. they're just getting started. >> reporter: they are, cheryl. they can fill up to 100,000 this year. last year they tell me they filled 101,000 potholes. we're in an area known for potholes. we're here at broadway and tennessee. we just drove this stretch for about half a mile. yes, it is a very bumpy ride. crews don't really know about these potholes unless you go about reporting them. they tell me that they fill the potholes based on what they see in denver and from your complaints. many of you call 311 when you see a crack. there's another place to report this problem to. grab your phone, snap a pick. up load it. you can tag a location so crews know exactly where to go to fix the pothole.
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will fill those within 72 hours of the complaint. if you're skeptical if they're out there filling potholes, they tell me they have 8-10 crews dedicated to pothole practical every monday through friday. coming up at 6:00, we're going to talk about your complaints, where you think the worst areas are and what you have to say at the potholes in denver. trust me, people have a lot to say. >> so do the people who fix their cars. they kind of like it. all right, colleen, thanks. 5:40 right now. consumers may be getting a taste for chipotle once again. a survey shows negative sentiment appears to be fading. willingness picked up after it gave out cow ponce for -- they're hosting a hiring event at the aurora store. they're looking to fill 200
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this is all part of an effort nationwide to hire associates gearing up for spring. that's the busiest selling season for home depot. sales positions, across all departments. candidates encouraged to apply online. before you go, you can visit for more information. the latest retail to rerespond to a tightening labor market. costco says starting this month, they will increase to $13 an hour. they had 205,000 employees at the end of the august. around here we have nice southwest winds. it's warm. hey, what is this happening around noon. wind shifts and starts coming out of the northeast later in the day. that's going to bring some hazy sunshine to cloudy conditions this afternoon. and a few very light showers that last a couple of hours
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is driving home. we're talking about hundreds of an inch. we're going to hold temperatures in the low 60s today. after the little sprinkle we had today, it is a warm, dry weekend. monday. today. so this is the weekend you want to get out and about in the neighborhood. a lot of folks are probably going to want to do that, aren't they, amelia. >> yes, they are. we take a look at a different part of our denver community. this week we're headed to university hills. let's take a look. south of i-25 and north of hampton, university hills is an underrated neighborhood filled with gems when it comes to date night options. 6500 people call university hills home. it's split between split level ranch homes and colorado
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residents are mostly in walking distance to top rated indian restaurants, the theater, and an independent theater featuring themes like oscar cult favorites. >> really unique. it's a little pocket right in the middle south of denver that's extremely accessible to all parts of town. neighborhood photos. no matter where you live in the city, use the hashtag 9 neighborhoods on twitter, facebook, instagram. coming up, maybe we'll profile your neighborhood and tell the great. thank you. so we're used to seeing broncos von miller. now we'll get to watch him on the dance floor. you know that dance. >> that's a good one. >> don't deny it. >> some of america's best
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as americans, we love the internet. we love our cars and internet connected cars. a survey finds that 42% of car owners support making cars more connected in the future. the jump is 60% for millennials. at the same time, however, people fear cars will be easily hacked. most people are unwilling to give up the convenience of a car to protect against a hack. only 13% of survey said they will never use an app if it increased the chance of their vehicle willing broken into. that's why hacking cars is a growing speculation there. 's a lot of talk -- there's a lot of talk about driverless cars. according to a recent survey by triple a, some 75% of the drivers say they would be
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still respondents want abscess to self-driving feature, like self-parking. they really love that. >> many of team usa's best swimmers are competing today. it's michael phelps first competition. he's competing in the pro swim series in orlando. he told the coach he was really frustrated even though he won the hundred meter butterfly, he wanted the time to be better. he's bound and determined to go into the olympics and add to his 18 olympic gold medals. missy franklin got second place and competes again today. >> all right. let's talk about von miller. we're about to see a lot more of him, just not on the football field. he's joining the cast of dancing with the stars. >> you can see why. >> his sack dances are legendary. he's known for a style off the field. i bet we'll get a good show when dancing with the stars starts at the end of this month. >> are we going to see that von dance in.
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he has some moves, like you. >> yeah. so he'll get a lot of love on facebook. von miller is a football player, i'm sure he has other moves as well, kissy face. >> i'm looking forward to floor. a bunch of heart eye emojis, i see he has a lot of fans out there. >> you do that very well. >> i did that, yeah. >> i did that one. >> a lot of people are saying they're afraid he's going to get hour, and they're worried about him, thinking he should just focus on football. some people are saying i've never seen dancing with the stars. i'm going to watch it now. >> pull a bakamusal or something something. >> -- back muscle or something. >> they've done really well on dancing with the stars. >> he'll just go up to the other couple and send them
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all right. we want to see more comments. mic sure you use the 9news facebook page. let us know what you think of vonnie. >> kissy face. von any. vonnie -- vonnie. we're going cap those temperatures early this afternoon in the lower 60s as clouds thicken a bit during the day. sprinkles. now, the bigger storm starts today in california. spreads through the inner mountain west over the weekend, mountain west over the weekend, gets here by monday. sunday night into monday, good mountain snow by monday morning, look at it. a few spots, especially in the elks, the flat tops and the san inches. the storm system sweeps in, it's going to start getting wet sunday afternoon and evening and then some rain here monday. we'll be talking about that in our planning forecast. your friday drive, really
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sunrise pops up around 6:28. we're going to see a sun glare. right now, 25 in alameda is the spot that's wide open in the situation here, including the volume that's on the very light side. now, we have one issue to keep in mind. this is right across the downtown corridor. it's a stalled truck, northbound 25 at colfax. we're not too concerned with those delays, but if it sticks around, this could be one of the busiest parts of your drive. 25 still looking nice between downtown and the tech center. as far as public transportation
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a few clouds here and there. we've had one little blast of rain in california. the bigger storm system now gathering itself comes in waves. the biggest push is going to be
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that's what's going to be moving to the western slope on sunday. we have a nice west wind going that's keeping us dry for the time being. that wind is going to shift later and cool us off and bring us sprinkles. 20s, 30s, 40s, east, west. not so bad in the mountains either. around here today, get some filtered sun, similar to yesterday until about one. and then it gets cloudy between -- i will go 4-8. we'll get a few light showers. minimal if any accumulations. just too warm for that, a few hundredths of an inch. if you're in the western suburbs, might get a little sprinkle today. 40s and 50s in the mountains. again, this light shower coming up late this afternoon. really the only weather going on in the state. everybody else is dry. 60s, 70s on the plains. 40s and 50s in the mountains today. those few foothills sprinkles late in the afternoon. partly sunny. temperatures in the low 60s around here today.
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with partly cloudy conditions. warm weekend, warm, warm. mid-60s tomorrow. closer to 70. good south wind both days, windy on monday with rain most of the day, mixing ever so slightly with snow late in the afternoon. some moisture. >> it's going to be a nice little change. we're just starting to see the slightest inkling of daylight across the 25 and parker road. we're seeing speeds in the 60s. lighter than normal volume. for a friday, we're pretty standard overall. you will see 19 minute trek. you've got the option of the brand new bike path that parallels u.s. 36. maybe you're headed out to dia. no restrictions in place.
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just into the newsroom, the autopsy results for whitney houston's daughter have been released. she died almost the same way her mother did. a combination of drugs in her system and drowning. she had taken a combination of pot, alcohol, and anxiety medication. she was found with her head under the water in a bathtub. whitney houston was also found in the tub. we'll have more on this story
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one of the more terrible crimes in recent memory here in colorado. a woman--held captive for months one of the more terrible crimes in recent memories here in colorado, a woman held captive for months by a former death row inmate. we'll sort through the disturbing detail in this case. >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> gentlemen, you have to do better than this. >> i just don't know what to say sometimes. the insults and accusations flying in last night's 11th 11th republican debate. donald trump, of course, smack in the middle of it. >> good morning. i'm colleen ferreira. potholes are back, and they're oh, so painful.


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